Social media sites like facebook

Social media sites like facebook

What other social media sites like Facebook can be found today?

Facebook is the most popular social media site that exists today. With 2.74 billion monthly active users by January 2021, it seems that there is no other platform that offers what this one does. However, for those looking for alternatives they can find social media sites like Facebook that work similarly and that many people are looking into.

Some of the reasons people have for deleting their Facebook or using it less are that they don't trust the platform anymore or migrated to other social media platforms.

Scandals such as Cambridge Analytics, Mark Zuckerberg's secret meeting with ex-President Donald Trump, and the Snowden leaks are also some of the reasons for leaving this platform.

This year, Facebook turns 17 years old, and during this period, it has established itself as a palace where many go to for news, entertainment, products, and communication with family, friends, and businesses. But, for those who do not wish to engage on this platform anymore, fortunately, there are options, such as Hashtag.Space, a decentralized social media platform.

What is Hashtag.Space?

Hashtag.Space is a decentralized social media platform that focuses on users who want to resell domains and earn a profit in the process. 

The way it works is that when one of Hashtag. Space's users resell their domains, they earn a certain amount, but when a downline member purchases one of the social media's services, they make 25% profit, yearly, of those transactions.

This is one of the social media sites like Facebook with its own browser and plugins to resolve domains. Besides, they offer directory services, SEO, and internet marketing white label practices through SEO-specialized platforms.

What is "resolving a host"?

As we just mentioned above, Hashtag.Space is a social media app where users can resolve domains. But, what does this mean?

DNS resolvers, or Domain Name Resolvers, are computers used by ISPs to respond to a user request and resolve a domain name. Resolving a domain name means that it translates a domain name into an IP Address.

Why will Hashtag.Space revolutionize the way we think about domain names?

As we said above, Hashtag.Space is one of the social media sites like Facebook that will revolutionize the way you think about domain names and access information. Since the internet was conceived, the famous .com has been the gateway so far to access the world wide web. 

This has caused newer companies to struggle to find the perfect domain name for them that, at the same time, has not yet been registered by someone else.

Hashtag.Space offers domain names that include the symbol #, which are called #HastagDomains. It works by writing a #domainname in your browser, and your website will load.

As they describe it themselves, it is a gateway for people to access both the standard internet Https Protocol and the Dark web from one browser. Hashtag.Space offers plugins that will work with browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

However, they have their own browser called #MetaGate in alliance with It is free of censorship, aligned with this company's core values, which are that "everyone should be able to access the internet and conduct business without fear" of being censored, they explain on their website.

What else do you need to know about Hashtag.Space?

For those who are curious about the #domain subject, you may be wondering if there is a minimum for the length of the domain name that will be used with a hashtag symbol. Hashtag.Space explains that three characters are the minimum allowed and 40 the maximum. Upper and lower case letters are allowed, with no special symbols.

These domains will work on other browsers other than #MetaGate with a plugin, and trademark domains will have protection if you supply proof of ownership.

If you wish to sell your domain later on, you can do it by paying a transfer of 10% of the sale price. You can also buy all of the domains that you want to buy; there is no limit! However, consider that they expire after one year, and then they must be renewed.

These domains are not part of ICANN, but they can be private if you choose to hide your personal information from the public as with traditional domain names.

Hashtag.Space is still in its early stages, but wouldn't you have wanted to be part of the early days of the internet? Your moment to make a difference in the future of the online world is now. Learn more about this initiative at