Freedom of speech on social media

Freedom of speech on social media

Freedom of speech on social media is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If your Facebook posts are labeled by their platform's administration as 'partially true' or censored in any way, your constitutional rights are being restricted. There's a safer place to share your ideas, photos, and free speech comments without having to worry that someone is watching every word you say and taking notes- HashtagSpace values your voice on social media; it's one of the best social networking alternatives to Facebook.

What Are Your Legal Rights on Social Media?

The question of whether your rights extend to the social media platform is one that is currently being debated in courtrooms across the country. While many lawyers believe that free speech cannot be limited in any form in any place, some judges have determined that your rights end where the rights of a social platform's owner or controller begin. The good news is you don't have to deal with an infringement on your rights; switch to HashtagSpace for a better way to connect with friends & family. Make new friends on HashtagSpace by creating a new user account and sharing comments, memes, and conservative or libertarian ideas.

Which is the Best Facebook Alternative?

You have numerous options as you join the massive exodus from Facebook to another platform; the problem with many big-name social networks is that their developers never planned for large-scale crowds to join their platform at one time. While many such sites, like Gab and CloutHub struggle with the growth their experiencing, HashtagSpace can offer a superior user experience:

  • Fast-loading social pages
  • New users joining daily
  • Exciting features, like voice comments
  • Opportunities to buy hashtag domains
  • A unique referral program for making money
  • Our free speech guarantee

What Can You Do If Your Legal Rights on Facebook Were Violated?

The fact is, even the best lawyers in the country have found that going up against a huge corporation like Facebook can make it difficult to get justice in the courtroom. You may not be able to seek compensation for having your right to free speech denied on Facebook's network, but you can make a statement to FB executives by leaving their platform for good. When you leave Facebook, don't just walk away- delete your account and leave a parting note telling others why you've left and where you're going. We can build a better community on HashtagSpace with you as a part of our team.

Is There a Facebook Alternatives Guide?

One of the best reasons to join our social network is that we provide one-click access to the Duck Duck Go search engine where you'll find a wealth of information that is uncensored. Unlike searching on Google, where an algorithm prevents you from finding conservative content, Duck Duck Go makes it easier to search for and find real information pertaining to your inquiry. Type 'Facebook Alternative Guide' into the Duck Duck Go search bar and you'll find our platform among the list of networks where past FB users are looking for free speech content and conservative followers.

Which Are the Best Facebook Alternatives to Protect Your Privacy

If you're looking for another reason to put Facebook in your past, consider the fact that their platform reads your private messages, sells your personal information, and punishes you for posting or sharing content that doesn't align with their political agenda. Your privacy on Facebook is non-existent- but that's not the case on HashtagSpace. In fact, your privacy on our social network is highly valued and respected. We'll never share, sell, or use your private information in any way that benefits us or another party.

Protecting Free Speech on Social Media

What exactly does free speech mean? Is it a license to say anything that comes to your mind? In a sense, the answer is yes; however, certain qualifiers exist, as well. Freedom of expression, as protected by the First Amendment, includes all spoken, written, or otherwise communicated information or ideas that do not threaten, harass, or violate the rights of others. On HashtagSpace, we champion your First Amendment rights and vow to maintain an open forum where every user is free to post, comment, and share images that are in non-violation of free speech laws. You'll notice a big difference in the way we do things on our social platform.

Safe Alternatives to Different Social Media

When we say 'safe', we don't mean creating safe spaces where users won't have to listen to certain words or phrases that might offend them in some way- those are not qualifiers of a free speech media network. We hold to the promise that freedom of speech on social media can make HashtagSpace a better place to connect with other people from around the world from all walks of life, regardless of their political background or inclination.