Free speech social media platform

Free speech social media platform

Social media platforms are the biggest flex of today’s generation. Information and any viral content on social media spread like a wildfire in the jungle. Where they offer immense benefits and unlimited ways to create better connections around the world the ugly side of these platforms could not be ignored.

Our popular, most used social media platforms have complete control over our personal and private information whether you like it or not. Companies earned billion-dollar profits through it and influence the consumer's likes, preferences, and behavior using that data.

Therefore individuals are becoming more concerned about their data security and personal information they are inclined towards having a safe environment that will not only safeguard their data but will also give them complete freedom of speech.

In this scenario, decentralized social media platforms are gaining popularity among people who appreciate privacy and transparency. HashtagSpace is a leading decentralized social media platform that provides a great opportunity for creative minds and privacy geeks to express their ideas freely and to have complete control over their precious information.

FAQs About Our Platform as it Relates to Free Speech

Not many people are aware of the power of decentralized platforms. In this spectrum, HashtagSpace is a great alternative to different social media platforms that empowers its users instead of its creator. The reason for their ever-increasing popularity is that they use the blockchain to protect the data and make the communication unaltered and untampered.

Still have some confusion, here are some of the Frequently asked questions about our platform to give you a more clear picture of an ultimate Facebook alternative guide.

Q) How does our network work?

HashtagSpace is a revolutionary decentralized social network that allows complete end to end encryption of your data and communicated topics. It simply means that if you will talk about buying your favorite laptop on HashtagSpace you won’t have to deal with unlimited ads about laptops as what you talk about will remain between you and your friend and the third party will not be able to use your data for their benefit.

Q) Can you earn through it?

Well, one of the reasons for HashtagSpace to be the future of social media platforms is it lets you earn instead of making you the product for big companies to earn through you. When you post your content on other social media platforms they earn a lot through it but here when you post unique, worth viral content you get paid for it. Isn't it amazing?

Q) Is it an alternative to Facebook?

HashtagSpace is no doubt an ideal social networking alternative to Facebook. Facebook shares your data with the advertisers to target potential buyers and keeps up-to-date information of all your Whereabouts including your location, contacts, chats, pictures, etc. But with the HashtagSpace you can share your content among social media users without compromising your personal information and you control who can access your content. Data is a new gold of today so we work to keep it safe and secure at all costs.

Q) Does HashtagSpace allow freedom of speech?

Are you also tired of your content being removed from Facebook due to being different or inappropriate to be discussed on social media? Then HashtagSpace, which is the best Facebook alternative as it appreciates every individual's opinion and mindset. This is also one of the reasons it has become the fastest-growing Facebook alternative. We offer free space for you to interact with like-minded people or people having similar political, and cultural viewpoints.

Q) What is the status of privacy on HashtagSpace?

As we all know privacy is the basic concern of many. When you agree on Facebook terms and policies you handover them all the rights to use your data as they wish. The HashtagSpace is the best Facebook alternative to protect your privacy and personal information. Your data remains highly confidential as there is no need to give access to your personal information. You will only have to choose your avatar, make an account and start using it freely and without any worries.

Q) Can the content be saved?

The content that you share on HashtagSpace can only be shared, delete, or edit by the creator itself and no one else has any authority over it, not even the HashtagSpace itself. Unlike Twitter and Facebook who can remove you or your content due to its uniqueness, but here you can discuss hot topics without any such concerns.


The decentralized nature of HashtagSpace is the future of free speech social media platforms. It will transform the way you use your social media in the coming times. So when are you switching?

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Free speech social media platform