Free speech alternative to facebook

Free speech alternative to facebook

Is there a free speech alternative to Facebook where your voice will be heard instead of silenced? You may have given up hope of finding a platform that values your conservative viewpoints but before you consent to allowing Facebook to censor you any further, consider signing up for a social account on HashtagSpace. As one of the newest social networking alternatives to Facebook, HashtagSpace is growing by leaps and bounds; there's room for you and all of your social media followers at

How Does Facebook Suppress Free Speech?

You may be surprised to learn that Facebook's administrative team reads your private messages and uses an algorithm to place your identity into one of several categories based on the content you post and share. If you typically post conservative content, your name and profile are included in a long list of users who go against Facebook's political agenda, which is to further the liberal movement and support the democrat party. Christian, conservative, and libertarian content, comments, memes, and information reveal to Facebook that you're an 'unfriendly' to their cause. All of this is carried out day in and day out with very little insight from FB's users.

Why Does Facebook Censor Content?

Free speech is a favorite target of Facebook because their political ideals involve silencing the voices of those who don't agree with the opinions of the corporation's owners and controllers- and the entities they support. For this reason, you'll notice disclaimers underneath your posts from time to time (or more often, if you post a lot of conservative content). Disclaimer banners might try to change your mind about posting a particular meme or comment or might tell you that what you're trying to post was evaluated by a third-party fact checker and found to be a non-truth. In every case, the intent is to make you feel guilty for wanting to post content. So, which is the best Facebook alternative?

Meet HashtagSpace, the Newest Contender

Not every social media network is a free speech alternative to Facebook. For example, Parler introduced itself to the public as a free speech platform, but when tens of millions of conservatives on Twitter had their accounts deleted and decided to move to Twitter, they quickly discovered Parler's idea of free speech meant censorship in much the same way as on Twitter. One of Parler's first actions after the Twitter purge was to delete Attorney Lin Wood's account for sharing political truth with his millions of followers; so much for 'free speech'.

At HashtagSpace, when we say that we are a free speech platform, that's exactly what we mean. We have no underlying political agenda that prevents our network's users from sharing their ideas and information with the world. If you value freedom above all else on social media, you'll quickly discover that we're unlike any other social site out there. Create a new user account and try out innovative features built into our platform, like voice comments and hashtag domains that are available to purchase. We need you to help us create a thriving community where everyone has the right to say what's on their mind or in their heart, without fear of being censored, silenced, or having their account throttled by the network.

Is There a Facebook Alternatives Guide?

We're glad you asked- you won't find that kind of information searching on Google, but you will find it on Duck Duck Go, a free speech search engine that's available on our social site. You'll have access to the Duck Duck Go search engine and conservative news sources from your social home page on HashtagSpace, so you'll never have to settle for heavily censored news stories or search results again. Make the switch today to enjoy connecting and sharing information on the best free speech alternative to Facebook.

Additional Problems With Facebook

Stifling free speech is not all that Facebook's administration has been up to; FB executives have recently been called out for the company's massive financial support of the fraudulent election. The fact that FB was found to be invested in the Dominion machines responsible for changing votes from republican to democrat tells you everything you need to know about the company and its controllers.

One of the Best Facebook Alternatives to Protect Your Privacy

Many alternatives to different social media claim they can protect your right to free speech, but they fail to disclose to their network's users how they'll use private information. At HashtagSpace, we guarantee your privacy when you sign up for an account on our social media network. We're confident you will find that our platform is the perfect free speech alternative to Facebook, and the only one you'll ever want to post on. Make new friends on HashtagSpace and find your FB friends & family on our site.