Facebook alternative app

Facebook alternative app

The Facebook alternative app you need to know about today

What would you say if we told you that there is a Facebook alternative app available today, but without the restrictions that any traditional internet site has? No, it is not a joke, this app exists, and we’ll tell you more about it in the following paragraphs. So keep reading because if you have been looking for other options on the internet, you need to know about this!

Many people have been looking for a Facebook alternative app for a long time, whether because they do not trust this social media platform or because they got bored of using it. The truth is that every day more and more feel as if they need to migrate somewhere else.

One of these options that is available today is Hashtag.Space, a decentralized social media platform with many additional benefits you can enjoy as of today.

How does Hashtag.Space work?

As we just mentioned above, Hashtag.Space is a decentralized social media platform. Nonetheless, it is focused on users who are also interested in reselling #domains and making a profit too.

In this decentralized social media platform, people can use an independent browser to access the web without restrictions that other browsers have and that do not allow people to navigate certain websites, such as the Dark Web.

Plus, Hashtag.Space is thinking about revolutionizing the internet as we have come to know it so far by introducing #domains. This means that you can forget about .coms or .net or dot whatever; you will be able to use a domain name that begins with the # symbol. People who have not been able to register a domain name because it is already taken can benefit significantly from this.

A Facebook alternative app that also offers this kind of freedom has never been seen before. #HashtagDomains will work here by just typing #domainname in the app’s browser or using a plugin that you can add to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, to name three of the most popular ones used today.

#MetaGate, the alternative browser

#MetaGate is the name of Hashtag.Space’s browser that is included in this Facebook alternative app. It is a gateway for people to access both the standard internet Https Protocol and the dark web from only one browser.

This browser is available in alliance with MetaHash.org, it is censorship-free and is aligned with Hashtag.Space’s core values. They believe that everyone should be able to access the internet, conduct businesses, and do as they need to do without fear of being censored.

How can you earn a profit with Hashtag.Space?

Hashtag.Space also offers the ability for their users to make a profit if they wish to. They can resell domains and earn an amount from the sale. Also, if one of their downline members purchases one of the social media’s services, they will make a 25% profit every year from all of those transactions.

Besides, they also offer directory services, SEO strategies, and white-label internet marketing practices through an SEO-specialized platform.

Take into consideration that any #domain you want to register has to be a minimum of three characters long and a maximum of 40. You can use upper and lower case letters but not any special symbols.

If you have proof of ownership, you can even register trademark domains. Therefore, you can have a domain name aligned with your brand’s identity (something that gets harder and harder to achieve because of the oversaturation of the .com domain names).

What else do you need to know about #domains?

Hashtag domains or #domains are not part of ICANN. To reach another person on the internet, you need to type an address into a computer, whether it is a name or a number. It has to be unique. ICANN is a non-profit partnership that coordinates these unique identifiers across the world.

Thanks to them, a global internet has been possible, since its formation in 1998. They do not control the content published on the internet and do not deal with access to it from anywhere in the world. However, this now also possible to the alternative Facebook app that is Hashtag.Space and without the restrictions that the “traditional” web has.

This initiative is still growing and expanding little by little. Nevertheless, we are confident that sooner rather than later, #domainnames will become even more popular. People will find in them an alternative to the limited options regular domains and the internet offer nowadays.

Learn more about Hashtag.Space at https://hashtag.space/.