Decentralized social networks

Decentralized social networks

The idea of decentralized social media is gaining a lot of popularity. People are willing to switch to decentralized social networks that encourage them to open their minds and spill their thoughts without being judged.

Why Are Users Moving To Decentralized Social Networks

Free social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter have always been a user's first choice when it comes to sharing their emotions or accessing new information. But during the past year, some debatable actions of high-profile accounts such as Twitter suspending the account of former U.S. President Donald Trump, Facebook violating its users’ privacy, and even Google threatening to remove content found offensive by it.

This has let down the positive image of these world-famous social sites and has made users aware of the ways these sites are handling issues concerning their privacy, censorship, and providing political neutrality.

Now users are turning towards more secure decentralized social networks that give them privacy and the freedom to express their thoughts.

Decentralized Social Networks

Decentralized social networks operate on independently run servers instead of running on a centralized server. It uses blockchain technology and the entire system is connected through nodes. This technology allows data entries to be stored in multiple servers.

This makes a decentralized network more secure since the information is distributed across the network. Moreover, a decentralized platform offers more transparency allowing anyone to verify transactions. The open-source approach of a decentralized platform where no third party has access to your personal information has contributed a lot to its popularity.

Let’s take Hashtag Space, which is a revolutionary decentralized social media platform. Along with providing high-profile features, it also enables users to express their conservative thoughts to a vast community.

Reasons To Switch To A Decentralized Network

Social media decentralization is benefiting the users in many ways. Users are looking for better alternatives where their privacy is compromised. Many reasons have led users to switch to a decentralized platform such as Hashtag Space.

1) Users Demand Freedom Of Speech:

Users want to present and share their ideas without being judged. They want a platform where they are granted freedom of expression, and their conservative ideas are supported by the masses. Unlike Facebook where your Christian and conservative comments are removed and people are criticized for religious and political beliefs.

This gives rise to the need for switching to a decentralized social network that offers users to spill their beliefs and thoughts without any restraints. Hashtag Space empowers its audience with the liberty to speak. By creating a free arena where everyone is welcome to express their notions with patriots all around the world.

2) Users Want To Avoid Censorship:

A centralized social network has the right to censor any content, page, or even information. Twitter, for instance, can censor accounts containing posts not according to its criteria or when the government demands to censor accounts going against their agenda.

But with a decentralized platform, users can avoid censorship because there is no central authority governing the data. This gives users the liberty to create content based on their beliefs. The Hashtag Space is a sophisticated illustration of a decentralized social platform where the final say is always yours.

3) It’s About Securing Their Data And Privacy:

Centralized social platforms including Facebook compromised user data to a third party such as advertising and marketing companies. This way the marketers can target their capable consumers. Furthermore, centralized social sites give other parties access to users’ personal information including name, address, email, and payment history.

After being aware of their privacy violation, users are looking for an alternative where their privacy is better protected and no one is granted access to their privacy. A decentralized social network uses cryptography to secure the data. Moreover, the data is divided into segments and each segment is stored on different nodes. Since Hashtag Space is a decentralized social network where user's privacy is valued and their data are well protected.

4) Users Want Control:

Using a centralized social network gives users limited control over their privacy and transactions. On a centralized site such as Facebook, the user content can be manipulated, altered, and censored. Also, to make a transaction through a centralized platform users needs authorization from the central server.

But now users intend to change all that. Using decentralized social networks users have full control over their accounts. This full authority enables them to post and share what they want without the threat of being unheard. Such as the Hashtag Space where you have total control over your account.

Decentralization is the future of social media as more users are demonstrating increasing interest in the benefits of decentralized hosting. Hashtag Space is the leading decentralized social media site that lets you discuss and present your concepts to people belonging to the same school of thought.

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