Decentralized social network blockchain

Decentralized social network blockchain

The digital world is ever-changing. Every time you blink something new has popped up. A billion different minds come together in this digital world and every time they do, something new gets invented. But the one thing that has been labeled as one of the most promising innovations of this era is the invention of blockchain. The reason why blockchain is sky-rocketing to popularity is that it has added extra layers of security to protect users' privacy especially when it comes to social media platforms. Moreover, it has significantly reduced the number of frustrating advertisements and promises a higher level of data security. By this time if you are wondering as to how does blockchain impacts social media platforms and why decentralization is the future of social media? Then let’s dive right into what happens when blockchain gets incorporated into social media platforms.

Blockchain Social Media

Technocrats and blockchain experts continue to brainstorm to bring about technological developments and guarantee freedom of speech. In this regard, blockchain is rapidly stealing the spotlight and is establishing itself as a potential breakthrough for many such problems especially concerning social media.

Today's era is ruled by social media platforms which provide a stage for billions of people to speak out their opinions. But these platforms are centralized meaning the companies have full control of your data. They can manipulate and exploit it according to their needs.

This is why blockchain-based social media platforms are increasing in popularity. These are decentralized social networks enabling application development and smart contracts. Social media decentralization increases privacy by many folds and breaching or manipulating the data becomes next to impossible.

The best part is that the user even gets paid when viral-worthy content is shared.

How Blockchain Shapes The Future Of Social Media?

1) The More You Share, The More You Get Paid:

There was a time when fold was the most valuable mineral in the world. Then oil overtook that position. Now, data is the new gold! Using brute force to try and control the general public is old school now. If you control the data, then you control the actions and emotions of the people. In such a case, the data producers I.e. the common people are the data producers. As mentioned above, data is the new gold. Nobody wants to give out freebies. Decentralized social media pays you for creating and sharing quality content online.

At the moment, many social media giants get paid for the content you create and publish. You are given a bare minimum or in some cases nothing at all. But with social media decentralization, the content creators get paid for what they produce.

Secondly, many social media platforms show you targeted advertisements and can even sell your data for thousands of dollars. On the other hand, blockchain does not allow this. You don’t get bombarded with ads and your data remains extremely secure.

2) Privacy Is Guaranteed:

Private chats, even on the most popular social media platforms are rarely private. There had been cases of chats being leaked out and those in authority manipulating the online content for their gains whether it be political or social. So who can a user trust for guaranteed privacy? Of course, on free social networking sites, that operates through blockchain. Blockchain's decentralized working mechanism not only guarantees privacy but also gives you a right to free speech and freedom of expression. Nobody can censor your data not can they delete your account without your consent. Confidentiality of any transaction is guaranteed because only the sender and the recipient are aware of its content.

Decentralized Social Media Vs Popular Social Media

Having shown the pros of using decentralized social networks, now let’s compare it with the big players of the social media industry.

Mind Vs Facebook

Both the platforms offer you the service of checking your newsfeed, posting pictures and videos online, publishing articles, and chatting in groups.

But, I am sure most users will agree that Facebook is becoming increasingly frustrating due to targeted ads and suggesting content every time you log in. Not to mention the allegations on Facebook regarding data privacy breaches.

In comparison to it, Mind is a decentralized social network with an anti-censorship system meaning no third party can interfere with its mechanism.

Dtube Vs YouTube

YouTube is a centralized video sharing platform meaning your content is regulated by YouTube. If you monetize your channel, YouTube decides how much you will earn. Additionally, YouTube can remove your video whenever they want.

Dtube, on the other hand, is a decentralized social media platform. The content you publish cannot be taken down or censored by anyone.

Another such emerging decentralized and free speech platform is hashtag space.

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Decentralized social network blockchain