Decentralized social network

Decentralized social network

Hashtag.Space: The decentralized social network you need to know about

As we know it today, the Internet is mostly centralized, and as a consequence, we can say that there are no free networking sites. Free Internet is something many people are looking for so that they can surf the web without fear. Also, a decentralized social network is where they can share whatever they want without being censored.

Decentralization is the future of social media, but what exactly is a decentralized network? These are networks that disrupt the current centralized models and offer a unique potential to support fairness in society, access to information, and security, along with business innovation.

The main difference between a centralized and a decentralized network has to do with the issue of who has control over the network itself. A centralized system will have a single authority or administrator. On the other hand, a decentralized network is organized in a much more distributed way. Each node within the network functions with independent authority and independent decision-making power.

What do you prefer? A social network where you can even get banned from if you happen to say the wrong thing or a platform designed for free-speech?

Decentralized social networks: What do you need to know?

Social networks can also be centralized or decentralized. These last ones operate on independently run servers, rather than one owned by a business. They are usually based on open-source software or run on blockchain. Blockchain technology allows data entries to be stored in servers that can be located anywhere in the world. It is also more transparent, as the data can be viewed in real-time by anyone on the network.

Besides, a decentralized social network is an ideal way to give users more control and autonomy. People can set up their decentralized social media platforms, determine how they want them to operate, and what people can say on them or what they can share or not.

Hashtag.Space: A new social media decentralization project

Hashtag.Space is a decentralized social network that is looking to become an alternative to the most popular social media apps that exist today. In fact, we believe that it is the best option for those who are tired of censorship and have to follow strict rules regarding what they can post or not.

This social media platform is based on free speech. One way this is achieved is with their independent browser called #MegaGate. This is a gateway for people to access both the Https Protocol Internet, the dark web, and pretty much anything you want to. This way, you won’t have to use several browsers to find the information you are looking for.

#MetaGate is available in alliance with It is censorship-free and can also be used with your regular browser by installing a plugin.

New domains for everyone

In addition to the censorship-free browser #MetaGate, Hashtag.Space is introducing #domains. Yes, domain names that, instead of working with the HTTP protocols and the .com domains we are all used to, are simply a symbol # followed by your desired word or words.

Through Hashtag.Space you will be able to register, resolve and resell #domains (and also make a profit from it if you wish to do so). The requirements are a minimum of three characters and a maximum of 40. Upper and lower case letters are allowed, but no special symbols.

Brands and companies that cannot register a domain name because it has been already taken can benefit from #domains. In addition, if they can prove ownership of a trademark name, they can put it under their name as well.

These new domain names are also what makes Hashtag.Space the greatest decentralized social network there is because they are not part of ICANN. 

ICANN is a non-profit partnership that coordinates a website’s unique identifiers that allow one computer to reach another. It has been through this process that has allowed a global internet possible. They do not control the content that is published online, but they do control other aspects.

Hashtag.Space is an initiative that is still in its early stages but has the potential to become something really big. In fact, the best moment to join is now so that you can take complete advantage of everything the alternative social network has to offer. Do you want to be a part of it?

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