Conservative alternative to facebook

Conservative alternative to facebook

It is a given that anyone living in the 21st century has heard of the famous social media platform Facebook and well if you have not, I just want to ask two questions; Are you even real? And where is the rock that have you been living under? No, but seriously Facebook is a Social media platform that was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates. This platform was made to connect people globally and offer them a space to interact, communicate, speak their mind, and live in your own space while being connected with all of your friends and family globally. This platform gained several users in a quick period and by 2009 it had become the most popular social media platform in the world with 350m registered users and 132m unique monthly users. Ever since then, Facebook is all the millennial generation or Generation Z talks about. However, in recent times, the popularity of Facebook has seen to decrease due to new and better alternative platforms that have made space in the market.

Facebook over the years has started regulating the content its users post on the platform and to a point that is a necessity in the matter of hate crime or terrorism but blatant discrimination is not cool. The platform is known to censor content and block profiles of people that voice their political opinions even in a peaceful way. If these opinions are not the conventional ones and speak for the rights of minorities and in favor of conservatives or right-wing politicians and movements and post content disagreeing with any of the popular government ideas these contents are removed and the profiles of these users blocked.

It is no secret that Facebook suppresses and censors/bans conservative voices and opinions, and it does not take a genius to realize that even though Facebook advocates for freedom of speech and liberty, it doesn’t often follow the same principle. This has made more and more people take a break from Facebook or permanently bid farewell to it for good and switch to alternatives to different social media platforms that not only provide them with the freedom to speech but also protect their data and privacy. Again a department that Facebook has had trouble in protecting with serious cases of privacy breach and invasion being reported. This is why a lot of Conservative alternatives to Facebook have become popular over the last decade. After the whole facebook censorship and privacy fiasco people all over the world started demanding for Best facebook alternatives to protect their privacy and let’s just say the software developers have responded to the demand call heads on! There have been a sprung of websites that respond to the Conservative alternative to Facebook demand.

We have done our research and used all of these platforms to come up with the best Facebook alternatives guide and have come up with a one app answer for anyone who is done with the excessive and unjust facebook censorship and looking out for which is the best Facebook alternative?

Hashtag space is a relatively new social media platform that we have chosen as the best social networking alternatives to Facebook from the several new platforms that have been developed and claim to offer complete freedom of speech and privacy protection. Hashtagspace is the one platform that we used and experienced that does fulfill what it promises and advertises. We saw and made multiple posts supporting the conservatives' political ideas and not one of them was censored and our account faced no threats or security breaches. To check if it endorsed complete and autonomous freedom of speech we also checked if it censored posts made in support of the leftists just to make the platform popular amongst the conservatives. However, we felt relief when none of our posts in favor of the leftists were censored as well. Hashtagspace goes by the tag line #BecauseFuckBigTechandCensorship and what amazes us is that this platform and the features that it offers to its users is already giving a tough time to big tech platforms such as Facebook. Additional to its no censorship and freedom of speech supporting policies, it also provides its users with an independent browser #MegaGate which provides one-point access for its users to the dark web and Https protocol internet, while providing full privacy and ownership without the fear of censorship.

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