Best facebook alternative

Best facebook alternative

5 reasons why Hashtag.Space is the best Facebook alternative

We believe that the internet should be a decentralized space where people can be free to speak about the topics they want to and do the searches they please. This is why Hashtag.Space was created: To become the best Facebook alternative where all of the above can be a reality.

You may already know that Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. However, many people are looking for social networking alternatives to Facebook. Some of these individuals have gotten bored or tired of restrictions, or perhaps they don’t trust the app’s developers anymore. For these reasons, they are in need of alternatives to different social media.

One of these options that you can consider, if you are one of these people, is Hashtag.Space: A decentralized social media platform with many additional benefits to enjoy. It is just the best Facebook alternative there is!

Why is Hashtag.Space one of the best Facebook alternatives to protect your privacy?

As we promised, we want to tell you all of the reasons why Hashtag.Space is the best Facebook alternative out there. The characteristics that this app has, that others like Facebook do not make it unique, and we are sure that by the time you finish reading, you will agree with us.

  1. Independent browser: #MegaGate

Which is the best Facebook alternative? The answer is Hashtag.Space and one of the reasons is its independent browser called #MegaGate. It is a gateway for people to access the standard Https Protocol internet and also the dark web, all from one single browser! Say goodbye to downloading numerous browsers to get the information you are looking for.

The browser is available in alliance with, and it is censorship-free, aligned with Hashtag.Space’s core values. You can use it with your regular internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer, by installing a plugin or directly from the app.

This company believes that everyone should be able to access the internet, conduct businesses, and whatever they need to do without living in fear of being censored.

  1. You can make a profit

If you are looking for a Facebook alternatives guide, consider looking into Hashtag.Space because with this app, you can also make a profit if you wish to do so. 

Hashtag.Space offers the ability to resell #domains and earn a percentage from the sale. You can also have a downline and profit from their sales (up to 25% of what they made in a year).

The domain names you can register here have the symbol # instead of the traditional HTTP and .coms. They can be a minimum of three characters long and a maximum of 40. You can use upper and lower case letters but not any special symbols.

Domain names can also be resold by paying a transfer of 10% of the sale price. And the best thing is that you can buy all of the domain names that you want! There is no limit if you wish to grow a business here.

  1. It will revolutionalize the internet

It is also the best Facebook alternative out there because it is the only social media platform that is looking to revolutionize the internet. It is a complete 180 degrees from the internet world most people are used to by offering an alternative browser and alternative domain names.

By introducing #domains, the internet as we know it will change. In fact, brands who cannot register a traditional domain name today because it is already taken can benefit significantly from these.

  1. You can resolve domains

Hashtag.Space users can resolve domains. Domain Name Resolvers, also known as DNS, are computers used by ISPs to respond to a request on the internet and resolve a domain name. In other words, they translate a domain name into an IP Address.

This is one of the other things you can do in this Facebook alternative app, but with #domains, of course.

  1. Trademarks can benefit greatly

As we mentioned above, brands will benefit immensely from Hashtag.Space because they will have the freedom to use a domain name associated with their brand.

Trademarks will also have protection if they supply proof of ownership. In this case, they could obtain a particular domain name associated with the brand or company even if it was registered by another person before.

As you can see, the benefits are many and the path to a truly free internet is all set!

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