Apps similar to facebook

Apps similar to facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly a leading social media platform used and adored by millions around the world. This social media site has over 350 million active users and more than 55 million statuses are updated every day on Facebook, making it the fastest-growing social network worldwide. With Facebook being the sovereign leader of the social networking community, there are also some downsides to it, which have caused users to look for a more suitable alternative.

Why Users Are Considering Social Networking Alternatives To Facebook?

Facebook requires access to your internal storage including contacts, location, and camera which is then being shared with third parties. These insights into your personal information allow Facebook to track your location, breach your privacy, and cause general supremacy. Users have now begun to get concerned about the hidden terms and conditions that are seriously violating their privacy. And after the Cambridge Analytical scandal, users have become even more aware of their data and privacy protection. This situation has made users search for apps similar to Facebook.

Social media apps such as the outstanding Hashtag Space not only offer confidentiality to their users but also support you in raising your voice through a strong platform. Let’s dive in deeper to learn more about the reasons that have forced users to switch to a different social alternative.

1) Able To Protect Your Social Privacy:

Facebook is completely free to use, so how does the owner make money? You will be surprised to know that the site earns money by selling your personalized data to advertisers. Facebook pays no attention to protecting your privacy. With millions of users registering on Facebook, sharing their personal preferences and interests, and uploading every move on FB, the platform creates a datastore on every profile. All the data is valuable to the advertisers for targeting their consumer market.

Users are certainly not comfortable in sharing all their personal information which includes their name, email, purchase history, contact info, and much more. So, users have started looking for the best Facebook alternatives that can protect their privacy.

2) Able To Upgrade To Decentralized Hosting:

All the social media platforms are using centralized hosting for storing their data. A centralized system has security issues as it is highly dependent on nodes for network connectivity. In the case of a system, you won’t have any backup of the data since everything is stored on a single server. Plus, with only one server, the maintenance becomes pretty difficult.

Well, now it’s time to switch to apps similar to Facebook, which uses a decentralized approach towards hosting. Unlike traditional web hosting sources, decentralized hosting doesn’t rely on a single server. The sharing of data is associated with a large number of hubs which offer massive advantages to the users. It permits you to easily transfer a domain, is less expensive, and offers more security and control over your data.

3) Will Receive Unbiased Information:

You may notice that Facebook displays content based on your likes and dislikes in the top search results. This is called Echo Chamber. Facebook knows about your preferences and based on your past activities and populates your newsfeed with the same things. Moreover, the chances of coming across fake news are way higher on FB.

Users need a social media platform that is unbiased and supports news from all around the globe that is both authentic and accurate without evading their privacy.

4) Avoid Social Trolling:

Your point of view on Facebook may get negative reviews from all across the world. Expressing your ideas and beliefs on Facebook can at times make you a target of trolling.

Users prefer a platform where they could be heard without being judged. Switching to alternatives to different social media, including Facebook, enables people to raise their voices without being judged.

Which Is The Best Alternative To Facebook?

Now the next question is, which is the best Facebook alternative to choose? Since you have decided to deactivate your Facebook account, you will surely need a social media account to stay connected to the world around you.

The Facebook alternatives guide will give you a collection of social sites that you can replace with FB. But saving your much precious time, we would like to bring to the spotlight the finest conservative Facebook alternative that values your privacy and respects your thoughts.

Hashtag Space is a leading social media platform that contains the finest of features. The ultimate purpose of designing Hashtag Space was to create a conservative environment for all those ideas and thoughts that are oppressed on other social platforms such as Facebook. You can present your views with a larger community of the same thoughts. Above everything, we value your privacy and protect your personal information from third parties.

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