Apps like facebook

Apps like facebook

Facebook has kept the users entertained, help them connect to friends around the globe, and upgrade them about news from far and wide. But now people are losing their trust in the globally famous social media site. According to the Ponemon Institute trust in Facebook comes to a 66% decline in 2018.

The blind trust people used to have on Facebook is collapsing gradually. The topmost reason is that this social media platform is collecting more personal information than deemed necessary. Plus, controversies like Cambridge Analytics and Snowden leaks have also affected the positive image of Facebook.

Comparison: Facebook V/S Hashtag Space

The breach of their privacy has lead people to look for apps that are way better than Facebook. There was a time when finding perfect apps like Facebook was considered impossible. The circumstances have changed a great deal. Now you can find the best social networking alternatives to Facebook that can help you enjoy your privacy and gives you freedom of speech.

Hashtag Space can be your unparalleled partner in being social even without Facebook. The platform is one of the fastest-growing alternatives to social media platforms. Along with being free and pretty simple to use Hashtag Space has evolved as the leading alternative to apps like Facebook.

Looking at the below comprehensive comparison between Facebook and Hashtag Space, you will realize that switching to different social media platforms will be a wise move.

1) Motivate Conservative Ideas:

While commenting or posting on Facebook, you have to mind special attention to your words and even your thoughts. Because there is no room for conservative ideas. On Facebook, your conservative comments and impressions are either removed or the website restricts them from reaching a wide audience.

On the other hand, Hashtag Space has the exact opposite social environment. We enable users to openly share their conservative ideas and give them freedom of speech. You can share, comment, and post your personal opinions regarding politics or other sensitive issues without the fear of suppression. Your statements will be heard all around the world, and you can even gather a community of people agreeing with your thoughts.

2) Decentralized Social Network:

Facebook is a centralized social network. In simpler terms, a centralized social network depends entirely on a single server for holding all records and data and approves and monitors all transactions between third parties. This gives Facebook complete control over the data you are sharing and even messages you are sending. A centralized system such as Facebook is more prone to hacks and security breaches. The apps like Facebook and Twitter have access to your data and can censor accounts without prior notice.

Now let’s talk about Hashtag Space which offers the best-decentralized system of hosting. A blockchain network gives you full control of your account, and the third party is not permitted to violate your privacy. Your data and personal details are fully secured. On Hashtag Space you can raise your voice and present your opinions without the fear of censorship because peers interact directly. This makes Hashtag Space the best Facebook alternatives to protect your privacy.

3) Choosing Or Selling A Domain:

Finding a perfect domain name for your business that is not registered is difficult. Apps like Facebook have their browser and plug-ins to resolve domain issues, and you also need “.com” at the end of your website to open the gateway to the world wide web.

But Hashtag Space is going to revolutionize the way domain names were recognized. This social media site uses #Hashtag Domain. This authorizes users to access both standard internet HTTP protocols and the Dark web. The Hashtag Space used plugins to work with browsers such as Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It even has its browser called #MetaGate which protects your site from censorship.

Taking a step forward, Hashtag Space also permits you to sell or buy domain names at affordable prices. With Hashtag Space, creating a suitable domain and selling is no big deal.

4) Eliminate Political Oppression:

Apps like Facebook are not biased. If your ideas or opinions coincide with others’ beliefs, your account may be censored. This gives you limited or no freedom of speech.

But Hashtag Space wants you to be free in your thoughts and speeches. We will not censor your voice or shadowbox your account, empowering you with freedom of speech. You can communicate your free speech with a larger community. The text and the audio commenting makes Hashtag Space even more interesting.


You will find the Facebook alternatives guide filled with social media substitutes but with the highlighting features of Hashtag Space, there is no need to think about which is the best Facebook alternative. Register yourself now at Hashtag Space and let your voice be heard by the masses.

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