Alternatives to social media

Alternatives to social media

Initially, social media platforms were used as fun but now in this advanced and fast-growing world, it serves many purposes. It is used to communicate with people and for business purposes. Facebook is one of the most recognized platforms. It is said 81℅ of Americans are linked with social media and about 2.74 billion monthly active users are there on Facebook.

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism from all around which has gained international media coverage which has affected the lives of users and its employees. Due to increased data protection and security issues along with fraud and fake accounts have filled people's directory with complaints and resentments. Furthermore, facebook's behavior to just ignore these concerns and not realizing user privacy as chief responsibility, have convinced users not to carry such encumbrance anymore. Therefore they are in dire need to search for social networking alternatives to Facebook.

HashtagSpace is an emerging decentralized social media network that provides you to reap benefits from its amazing features and services. As it is new, its top-of-line features allow you to enjoy communication between few people, unlike Facebook where there are billions of users and you can get annoying messages anytime because of poor privacy.

5 Reasons To Choose Us As An Alternative To Facebook

1) Domain Name: HashtagSpace gives you the advantage to purchase your domain name at a minimal price. As we are new and aim to shake up and reshape the internet by introducing #domian, there are less likely chances that your name is already purchased. The right domain name of your choice would be easy to remember which enhances search engine ranking, bigger branding with fewer chances of error leading to a way for you to build a business name. People who were previously discouraged to pay for a domain because it was already in use can now benefit from this #domain immensely. Purchasing the domain from us permits you to make the best utilization of hashtags. space software, applications, services, and features. This type of allowance by HashtagSpace which is the best Facebook alternative makes us exceptionally unique.

2) Decentralized Hosting: HashtagSpace adapts decentralized hosting which is a good and innovative way that takes off the demand from existing web hosting solutions and attracts towards HashtagSpace. Decentralized hosting makes transferring of domain very easy and in no downtime service. Information and data stored in a decentralized way become more controlled and secure, lessening the chances of hacking. The site became more recognizable because of better hosting quality and has a more powerful impact on services and apps. Moreover, as peer nodes are used to store data on peer-to-peer networks, so don't worry even if you're censored or switched offline; you will never have to sacrifice your content. Just enjoy free speech, uncensored internet searches, and privacy because nothing is going anywhere.

3) No Restrictions: Unlike Facebook, HashtagSpace values your voice and allows you freedom of speech. Due to recent scandals on Facebook, Facebook has implemented many restrictions that bothers users a lot. Here you can relax as no restrictions are made based on conservative, feminism, and religious differences. Moreover, due to these restrictions, you are also unable to make an incognito account. Sometimes to enjoy your privacy away from public scrutiny, you prefer to make an account without valid or formal details. But unfortunately, Facebook doesn't give a chance to it. HashtagSpace offers you an incredible alternative facebook guide to enjoy your serene privacy.

4) Privacy: Unlike Facebook, we don't doze on duty. We know maintaining customers' privacy is as significant as anything else. Your name, email id, and other personal information are never sold to advertisers nor in future will. We only show you ads that we find are related to you. No sharing of information takes place. We only promote valuable content to be shown to help businesses grow. So HashtagSpace can serve as the best Facebook alternative to protect your privacy.

5) A Platform To Earn From: Who would want to miss a lucrative opportunity by using this alternative to different social media?

  • You can earn a certain amount by selling your domain.
  • If any of the downline members purchase services on social media, those carried transactions will gain you 25% profit every year.

There are numerous alternatives to social media that are progressing and are not interested in making blunders like Facebook and said to have goals to meet customer satisfaction. So stalemate your unending complaints about Facebook and diversity to other networks where there is no threat to your privacy. In this regard, HashtagSpace is the right choice. Just make your account and enjoy interacting with people who are like you and comprehend the importance of true speech.