Alternatives to facebook

Alternatives to facebook

In this era of advanced technological and cultural climate, everyone is somehow connected with social media regardless of age and place. Research center study says that 88% of the young generation and 78% of older people pertain to social media.

The prevalence of social media is gaining more scrutiny with passing the time. There are many popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. The social media platform is the way people like to communicate and do their work. It allows you to dig new ideas and trends. It makes it easy to interact and find new and older adults. Moreover, if you're doing business, these social media platforms can play a significant role in creating a good image and boost your brand by attracting more traffic and attention as more people will remember and recognize your work.

There are many reasons people are looking for social networking alternatives to Facebook. But the hunt to search for a Facebook alternative guide can be daunting and confusing. Where facebook demand is decreasing, other alternatives to different social media are surfacing and growing.

5 Reason To Quit Facebook And Approach Us HashtagSpace

1) Privacy concerns: Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies after google. Facebook has been a constant cascade of privacy and security problems since 2018. Ad fraud can occur by clicking ads and skewing metrics and budgets. Fake accounts are created and violated with abusive stuff because of photos, personal information, and text uploaded on Facebook. Therefore Facebook is now facing a lot of privacy concerns. Governments and pressure groups are working to maintain users' privacy at their hands under strict users' rights. Moreover, companies are selling their user's information to earn revenue, and employers and other institutions are misusing Facebook for their objectives due to which personal data and identities are revealed and stolen. According to evidence, Facebook privacy issues are springing up from their top executives. So don't worry, now get aware of the hashtagspace platform which is not only the best facebook alternative to but it is one of its kind. The hashtagspace platform protects your privacy in the best possible manner. All your data is safe as the server itself can not access it and hence can not kick you out from the platform. 

2) Bore Of Using It: People are using Facebook for a long time, therefore they are not bored of it. Users want to diversify and are searching for new alternatives like hashtags with new features to enjoy.

3) Fake news and hate speech: Since the 2016 presidential elections and the proliferation of fake news, Facebook has been the victim of negative headlines that give rise to the stem of mistrust. These fake news causes psychological distress and can trigger the worst condition of the world. Moreover, on Facebook, these fake news are permitted to stay, and new stories are created out of it again with the help of fake accounts that push this news on top of the top. This makes it difficult for people to identify and trust which news is fake and which is real as there is no vetting of news on Facebook.

4) Facebook Live Violence Problem: Facebook Live has been immensely popular, allowing producers and audiences to communicate, but there is also a shady side of it that shouldn't be ignored. The live Facebook allows broadcasting of anything virtually from anywhere, which gives rise to numbers of acts of violence, murders, suicide, and beating because of offensive, harmful and inappropriate content seen on Facebook.

5) Scandals: On March 19, 2018, Cambridge Analytic Scandal terribly affected facebook's image as it was the beginning of facebook's security issues. In this scandal, a third party was allowed to reap personal profiles and information by a political analytical firm. It is said that about 270, 000 users downloaded this app and got access, after which 50 million users were built to interfere with the election. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg's secret meeting with President Donald Trump and Snowden leaks are some other scandals making people quit this platform.

Hashtagspace is a decentralized social media platform that is the best alternative to Facebook. It is free of scandals, fake account privacy issues as it does not have 2.7 billion accounts like Facebook. We are open to censorship. means here you can get free speech, privacy, and uncensored internet searches as we sell hashtag domain names here. So if you're looking for an alternative to Facebook, free yourself and make an account with us which lets you enjoy hashtag application, technologies, software, and features along with pay-for-placement advertising. This platform allows staying connected on social media.