Alternative to facebook

Alternative to facebook

If you're like a lot of social media users, you're probably looking for an alternative to Facebook where you can stay in touch with family & friends and share news stories, pictures, and content without worrying about censorship of free speech. Facebook is no longer the open platform that it was in its earlier days; what has emerged is a frightening reminder that 'Big Brother' is paying attention to everything you say and do. HashtagSpace is a safer place to share your ideas and information with the world; getting set up takes just a minute and you'll start making new friends immediately.

10 Reasons to Switch From Facebook to HashtagSpace

1. You're probably shadow banned on Facebook without you even knowing that your account is being throttled. Have friends or family mentioned to you that they're unable to find certain memes or comments that you've posted? Facebook is notorious for limiting the reach of conservative accounts. At HashtagSpace, your voice is valued and your opinions & information go where you tell the network to send them; free speech is championed on our platform. Consider HashtagSpace the next time you're searching for an alternative to Facebook.

2. As HashtagSpace becomes more popular, you'll find more familiar names as you search for friends and family. Our social media network is destined to be a thriving community where users can share common ground. Post your favorite memes, create a new post for your entire audience or just one or two of your followers, and add new contacts daily.

3. HashtagSpace is loaded with innovative features you won't find on Facebook:

  • Voice comments (one of our most popular features)
  • Hashtag domain buying
  • Access to the Duck Duck Go Browser
  • A true conservative news feed
  • Opportunities to earn an income through domain purchase referrals (our affiliate program for entrepreneurs)
  • And much more. New features are being added while our site grows.

4. As Facebook users leave the platform, you'll discover that it's increasingly difficult to stay in touch with people you care about. Now is a great time to get set up on HashtagSpace. If you're not ready to register, feel free to explore the resources on our social media network and see for yourself what makes it the best alternative to Facebook.

5. Avoid annoying ads on social media that find their way into your email account and result in wasted time deleting unwanted emails and advertising. HashtagSpace is a much cleaner platform, devoid of the clutter you typically have to weed through on other social platforms. Instead of scrolling through content designed to get your attention and direct you to making purchases, you'll see only what you want to see on HashtagSpace.

6. Create a customized social experience with a few clicks of the mouse when you sign up on HashtagSpace. Our system will verify that your screen name is available, then point you to your account where you can upload a picture or logo. Click your user name to access settings, add to your profile, or change things around at any time. Start following and making new friends on HashtagSpace quickly.

7. You'll discover innovative features at the top of every page that makes sharing and creating content even more fun. Set up keyboard shortcuts to scroll content quickly or check new messages when you first log in by clicking your message bell. The best alternative to Facebook was designed to delivery a brand new user experience with the familiarity of older technology. Take a look around HashtagSpace and see how it compares to your current favorite social space.

8. Stay connected with geopolitical news instantly on HashtagSpace by clicking the LiveLeak link and scrolling world news headlines, or dig deeper into any story by selecting a topic that interests you. If you're tired of hearing the same news reported over and over by media outlets, LiveLeak can renew your interest in news stories from around the world.

9. HashtagSpace is more than just an alternative to Facebook platform's social network; buy hashtag domains before they're snapped up by investors and hold them while you wait for a buyer or create a new website on the decentralized internet with your new domain.

10. Feeling innovative? Download the Hashtag Browser, MetaGate, and start forging for MHC tokens. Send 100 MHC to your new MHC wallet on MetaGate and build your MHC portfolio. Jump in with both feet by delegating coins and watch your portfolio grow daily. The MetaGate browser is also a fun place to upload your Dapps and earn free MHC.

Alternative to facebook